Custom Feather Flags start up strategy

One of the best reasons to consider starting up your custom feather flags business is the flexibility involved. You can wholesale (sell to other sign shop for resell), retail (sell directly to consumers) or both. Custom Feather Flags wholesalers looking for a choice Products that appeal to customers’ needs and interests. On the other hand, retail banner sign buyers look for specific custom design that meet their needs. (more…)

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How to plan starting a Custom Feather Flag business

Before you start your Custom Feather Flags business like, there are some logistics you need to get rid of. This article provides information on what you need to get started and what you need to consider. Let us start with the basic considerations of time resources on a custom feather banner business. How much time is needed? OK, so you know, now is the right time to start your custom print banner sign business.

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How to setup Feather Flags to advertise your store?

If you want to use Feather Banners to advertise, use them to produce most of the visual appeal so that they are intertwined with each other. In this way, the eyes will beĀ  lead into the store. There are other types of Feather Flags (e.g., and if you want to use it as a brand project, some of them are better than others. Your might try to consider using an extra large Double Sided Feather Flags that could maximize your outdoor advertising exposure.

Feather Flags (e.g.
Feather Flags – view here


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Double Sided Feather Flags for grand opening

How to set up the Double Sided Feather Flags for your grand opening?

First, consider the distance you need the Double Sided Feather Flags for your grand opening to be seen. Let people know from the parking lot (even the highway or the main road), in this area happened some special things. Remember that the higher you go, the less things will appear, so plan accordingly. More is better. Of course, a sign will show where you are, but 5 of them will make them really do not know what happened.

Double Sided Feather Flags Custom :

So when you plan to setup your Custom Two Sided Feather Banners, ask yourself if your purpose is to mark the people who already know they come to you – it’s as a direction, or you try to get people to pull over to you when they also Did not realize what they wanted? If you are just trying to mark the entrance already in the known person, a Cheaper Single Sided Feather Flags may be good enough. (more…)

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OPPO Retractable Banners advertising case study

Gradually occupy the global mainstream mobile phone brand status oppo has been more and more attention.

According to Gartner released the second quarter of 2016 global smart phone sales report, “the top five manufacturers, the most dazzling performance is oppo, the second quarter shipments of 18.49 million units, an increase of 129%, the market share of 5.4 % “, Among the world’s fourth.

According to IDC latest statistics, the first half of 2016, oppo global market share of 6.1%, a substantial increase of 143% in the first half of this year, the global smart phone shipments totaled about 678 million, an increase of only 0.2%, oppo, vivo Strong growth. The current top five global smart phones are: Samsung, Apple, Huawei, oppo, vivo, of which Samsung’s market share of 23.4%, the global market concentration to further enhance.

I recognized this description: “a month before the world, there is no oppo in the world, after oppo reach no one knows the realm.” But at the same time, the company in front of the public look low-key, mysterious.

In the author’s view, oppo is a traditional and modern brand, the traditional is the media and sales channels, oppo through Retractable Banner advertising, program sponsorship, store signs and other traditional media to create a strong brand influence, through the line about 20 million Store sales of 90% of the products; modern is its international range of children, after years of careful operation, oppo successfully shaping the international, fashion, the trend of the brand image, and again and again in the transformation and rapid development of growth, and gradually become a world-class the company.

Tradition: Adhere to the advantages and strengthen the advantages of Cheap $69+ Retractable Banner wholesale | One Group campaigns

In the era of media diversification, time debris, in the online advertising, precision delivery (rich media advertising) rise, mobile Internet, WeChat friends circle, since the rise of the media era, the enterprise’s chief brand officer is really a great challenge. 2014 Haier announced to abandon the traditional hard wide (referring to the magazine class) put, triggering advertising hot. (more…)

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