If you want to use Feather Banners to advertise, use them to produce most of the visual appeal so that they are intertwined with each other. In this way, the eyes will be lead into the store. There are other types of Feather Flags (e.g. one-economy.com), and if you want to use it as a brand project, some of them are better than others. Your might try to consider using an extra large Double Sided Feather Flags that could maximize your outdoor advertising exposure.

Feather Flags (e.g. one-economy.com)
Feather Flags – view here https://www.one-economy.com/about

Extra Large Size Feather Banners with 13′ Pole, are great ways to get the attention of your target audience. A series of rainbow color Feather Banners provides an excellent photo backgrounds as well as social media selfie activities. This special multiple color rainbow effect is both compelling and beautiful. The set up of this series of feather flags in linear arch-shaped, based on the grid system arch is the perfect set up floor plan for multiple color swooper flags.

As this is a different outlook setting, so it may attract more curious target traffic. Using custom feather banners design, any shape, logo, mascot or concept can bring life to the dynamic flying flags. This is currently the more expensive option, but depending on your event and target population, it may provide the best ROI. This is a huge walk-through piece art. It’s not just an entrance, it’s an experience. However, you could still source for cheaper feather banners (https://www.one-economy.com/feather-flag.html)

Setting up cheap feather banners in spiral arch leads to the side of the eye and goes into the store entrance. So if there are two channels that you want people to browse, it’s a good way to emphasize both of them. There are many other size of decorative custom feather banner design to catch the attention of your target audience. If budget is limited, regular size feather banners with 8′ pole could be used. However, XL size double sided feather banners should always be used, in order to get the attention from the greatest distance to capture the largest amount of potential customers as possible

In holiday seasons the whole room will be resurrected. BIG SALE Feather Flag with red bursting star and yellow words at cheap wholesale discount make great attention to decorate, thus increasing the impulse to buy. There is a product called flying flutters can be added to increase more sound effects to get more attention. With this product, you can keep the grand opening of the whole week alive!