How to set up the Double Sided Feather Flags for your grand opening?

First, consider the distance you need the Double Sided Feather Flags for your grand opening to be seen. Let people know from the parking lot (even the highway or the main road), in this area happened some special things. Remember that the higher you go, the less things will appear, so plan accordingly. More is better. Of course, a sign will show where you are, but 5 of them will make them really do not know what happened.

Double Sided Feather Flags Custom :

So when you plan to setup your Custom Two Sided Feather Banners, ask yourself if your purpose is to mark the people who already know they come to you – it’s as a direction, or you try to get people to pull over to you when they also Did not realize what they wanted? If you are just trying to mark the entrance already in the known person, a Cheaper Single Sided Feather Flags may be good enough. If, on the other hand, you want to attract people around, so much better. The attraction of the best selling Double Sided Feather Flags would have better result, even though it is more costly. The difference between them is the appearance, and the design of the week. Everything can be effective.

The second kind of Advertising Sign Display, that is, entrance banner, is to build interest, so that people have been in the parking lot, or near the general, know that there have been some special things here. The Double Sided Feather Flag can be custom printed with GRAND OPENING with bright color background, creating a scene and tempting people to use it as a photo of the background as well.

The main difference is that while Stock Feather Banners mark the scene, the more refined style becomes a talk point and brand item. (Of course, the pictures will be shared with others, so make sure the store logo is merged in some way). I have seen some events, people are very excited about this entrance, they called friends come to see. These people then walk into the store, of course, look at all the excitement is what.

Although there are many different custom design options because there are types of shops, I want to solve some of the most common; 1) spiral setup – a high visual energy piece, although in some cases very effective, but often excessive use of the fault. Personally I prefer to to setup a straight row of Double Sided Feather Flags, which is clear and easy to be read from a distance.