Gradually occupy the global mainstream mobile phone brand status oppo has been more and more attention.

According to Gartner released the second quarter of 2016 global smart phone sales report, “the top five manufacturers, the most dazzling performance is oppo, the second quarter shipments of 18.49 million units, an increase of 129%, the market share of 5.4 % “, Among the world’s fourth.

According to IDC latest statistics, the first half of 2016, oppo global market share of 6.1%, a substantial increase of 143% in the first half of this year, the global smart phone shipments totaled about 678 million, an increase of only 0.2%, oppo, vivo Strong growth. The current top five global smart phones are: Samsung, Apple, Huawei, oppo, vivo, of which Samsung’s market share of 23.4%, the global market concentration to further enhance.

I recognized this description: “a month before the world, there is no oppo in the world, after oppo reach no one knows the realm.” But at the same time, the company in front of the public look low-key, mysterious.

In the author’s view, oppo is a traditional and modern brand, the traditional is the media and sales channels, oppo through Retractable Banner advertising, program sponsorship, store signs and other traditional media to create a strong brand influence, through the line about 20 million Store sales of 90% of the products; modern is its international range of children, after years of careful operation, oppo successfully shaping the international, fashion, the trend of the brand image, and again and again in the transformation and rapid development of growth, and gradually become a world-class the company.

Tradition: Adhere to the advantages and strengthen the advantages of Cheap $69+ Retractable Banner wholesale | One Group campaigns

In the era of media diversification, time debris, in the online advertising, precision delivery (rich media advertising) rise, mobile Internet, WeChat friends circle, since the rise of the media era, the enterprise’s chief brand officer is really a great challenge. 2014 Haier announced to abandon the traditional hard wide (referring to the magazine class) put, triggering advertising hot.

Oppo’s media mix is ​​very traditional: Hunan TV, CCTV-1, CCT-5 as the center, sponsored a lot of popular columns – “run it brother” “idol” “Challenger Union” “Chinese people show “” Goddess of the new clothes, “” Super Girl “,” Happy Camp “and so on, can be described as a large variety of major projects.

Oppo brand promotion also includes offline activities and public relations, newspaper and magazine outdoor with the network, the first two are still the traditional approach. For example, sponsors the 2014 South American Super Derby Cup top match, hand in hand, “Ruili fashion pioneer” launched the Milan tour, as the NBA official market partners. Newspapers, magazines and outdoor Retractable Banners advertising in the Fujian region oppo in the moving station, Wanda LED put a lot of advertising. Online advertising, including the official website, Sina microblogging, the official blog – the relative tradition, and Tencent, Youku, school network, End of the World and other cooperation.

There is a traditional medium to store as the carrier, oppo use is very full – shop strokes, spokesperson portrait One Group : Retractable Banners display, door type exhibition, arches, door banners, door to paste, indoor light boxes and other rich display techniques, the store front Retractable Banner Advertising role to play most vividly.

Through the traditional channels of this store sales of products, the essence of oppo recognize their own advantages and further strengthen it. There is a saying on the market, oppo, vivo is a step by step high system, saying a bit based on them and the Chinese business legend Duan Yongping and still exist in the small roots of deep roots. Duan Yongping Guangdong to a loss of small factories to do 1 billion yuan output value (small overlord), then run away to create a step by step high electronics. Duan Yongping to copy the success of the model to the backgammon, to achieve greater success, after the spin-off, Huang Yihe, Chen Mingyong (oppo), Shen Wei (vivo) in charge of a cause. Seriously, from the oppo, vivo, backgammon who can vaguely see the shadow of the operation before the small overlord. Backgammon Electronics has the advantage of giving and opposing the oppo – in China’s vast three to five line market has a wealth of channels and experience.

In 2014, millet in the Chinese market shipments beyond Apple, Samsung, became the largest sales of smart phones; 2015, through the electricity business channel sales of smart phones rose to 22%. When the local smart phone giants to focus on expanding the line with the first and second line of the market to snatch, oppo choice is to adhere to the advantages of the market and bigger this market, ten years of sedimentation and tempering it solidly grasp the three to five Line market.

Analyst Wu Yating that the channel capacity is their (oppo, vivo) strong growth in the first half of the main reason.

Modern: fashion and international coexistence

I oppo the modern expression of the international Fan children, the specific performance for the success of shaping the “tall” brand image and “the phone sold to the world” promotion of international enterprises.

Financial reporter Xie Lirong in the “smart phone invisible war,” a paper mentioned oppo, “aimed at the third line of the city following the largest young users … … and successfully established a ‘low-end market, high-end mobile phone’ market image. Li Wanqiang (millet co-founder) in the “sense of participation,” a book recorded oppo: “looking for stars do not find idols, such as Leonardo’s endorsement is very successful; brand packaging is tricky, many people think that the Korean brand, the French brand , From the brand name to the brand design are Han Fan, international Fan.

South Korea actress Ju Zhiyan, Jin Minzhi, Oscar for best actor Leonardo, Chinese fashion star Chen Kun, Jiang Yiyan, Lu Han, Li Yifeng, Yang Mi and many other popular stars have endorsement oppo, plus a number of popular variety show All stars use oppo phone, brand image enough high-end atmosphere on the grade.

Fashion high-end brand image, there is a hot phrase phrase “charge 5 minutes, call 2 hours” – become buzzwords. Why can it win the user’s heart? Do not fight love, do not fight literary style, slightly simple demands to pass out oppo charging fast function.

Another international Fan children for the gradual growth of the international business for the battle and hard work. Low-key, emphasizing the sub-culture and “ambitious” oppo will not stop in the Chinese market. Excerpt OIA in January 2015 released “read oppo2014: the rise of domestic mobile phone innovation power” in a short paragraph: “2014, oppo to speed up the pace of internationalization. Oppo conference in Singapore, Beijing simultaneously held in Indonesia’s factories have already started in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries have become the top five brands of sales, mobile phone products have entered Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Australia and other regions. “According to foreign media data, 2016 In the first half of the year, oppo shipments in India, 2.3 million, ranked second in the Indian market, Chinese brands.

Oppo overseas market in Indonesia worthy of attention. Oppo one of the key figures Li Jie in charge of Indonesia, “oppo do the world famous” is his desire for success. According to CNN Indonesia, “because of the rapid development of Samsung and oppo, once in the Indonesian mobile phone market has obvious advantages of the BlackBerry quite pressure, had to seek new changes.” September 2015 oppo Indonesia’s new plant put into operation, to produce up to 50 million units. July 2016, oppo mobile phone & J & T Express annual meeting held in Jakarta, from the activities reported “employees already have 16,000 people.”

On the oppo internationalization with intensive Retractable Banners advertising is a long term campaign, wonderful seems to have just begun.

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